Terms and Conditions

When you register for lessons with Tim Moxey or Lauren Moxey, you are indicating your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Pricing, timetable and terms and conditions are subject to change.

Commencement of lessons

We require your registration form and first payment prior to commencement.

Changing your lesson time

If you would like to request a change to your lesson time, please email us with at least one week's notice. Changes are made subject to availability.

Discontinuation of lessons

Your enrolment will remain the same throughout the calendar year unless we are notified otherwise by you.

If you wish to discontinue your lessons for the following term, you are required to notify us via our website at least four weeks prior to the first day of the new term, or full fees (based on your current enrolment) for the following term will be payable and you will be invoiced accordingly.

If you cease to attend without giving us any notice, you will still be invoiced as per the above paragraph. Unfortunately we cannot run a viable service where last-minute changes result in significant loss of income. It's also really sad when students and families who we have built relationships with (in many cases over a number of years) simply vanish – we always appreciate the chance to say goodbye.

Late arrivals

Unfortunately we are unable to offer an extension to your lesson time in the event of your late arrival, as this results in scheduling problems for the remainder of the day.


We appreciate the frustration of missing out on a lesson that has been paid for, and so in our makeup policy aim to strike a balance that is fair for both students and teachers. If we have to cancel a lesson due to teacher unavailability, you will be given a makeup lesson or a credit on the following term’s invoice.

We offer very generous provisions for missed lessons – many music teachers and other activities don’t offer makeups at all. Please be aware of the following conditions:

  • Makeups for private lessons will only be given if you provide at least 6 hours’ notice (based on the start of your scheduled lesson time). If you give us less than 6 hours’ notice of an absence, you will NOT receive a makeup lesson, regardless of the circumstances.
  • To notify us of an anticipated lesson absence, please text or email us.
  • Makeup lesson credits cannot be used as monetary credits on a future term’s invoice.
  • If a student withdraws after the start of term, no refunds will be given.
  • Students/their parents are responsible for following up owed makeups. You will not be reminded of them.
  • Any makeups owing must be taken within 30 days. Makeups will be automatically removed from your portal area once they expire.
  • Makeups are only available to currently enrolled students. As soon as you cease to become an enrolled student, your makeup credits expire.


Please don’t attend in-person lessons when unwell. Spending a lesson in a confined space with a coughing, sneezing student practically guarantees that a teacher will become unwell.


Your invoice will be sent via email. School terms range from 9 to 11 weeks and your invoice will be adjusted accordingly.

The term’s fees must be paid in full or half, on or by the first day of each term. If you choose to pay half up front, the remainder is due no later than the first day of week 5 of term. If your fees are unpaid by the first day of term, your place may be offered to someone on our waiting list.

Late payments compromise our ability to offer outstanding learning experiences to our students and to meet our financial obligations. We reserve the right to refer invoices that are more than 10 weeks overdue to collection agencies. We also reserve the right to exclude students from lessons, classes, workshops, concerts and other activities if accounts are not up to date.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer shortened terms, refunds or account credits due to conflicting events, sport, sickness, family holidays or to align with private school terms.

Thank you

Thanks for making yourself aware of our policies and helping us to ensure we're here for the long term to offer our students exceptional learning experiences. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.