Session singer for hire

Tenor male vocalist, Sydney

Have you hired session singers and backing vocalists that didn’t mesh with your arrangement? You wasted time, energy and money on vocals that were off pitch and had poor sound quality. Or they took a long time to deliver.

With over a decade of professional training and experience, I can sing a range of genres and styles of music, perfect for clients who have difficult harmonies and diverse singing requirements.

My vocal range, pitch, expression and technique are an asset to my clients. I sing with a combination of power and sincerity, imbued with energy while being delicate and soulful.

As a backing vocalist, I’ve worked on various projects, including Angels; an album produced by Broadway Records, featuring the inspirational songs from the original musical, performed by Tony nominated and award-winning Broadway performers such as Laura Osnes, Robert Cuccioli, Josh Young and Alan H. Green.

As a session singer, I’m quick, accurate and able to cover a wide range of genres. I can also tackle all those difficult harmonies that many vocalists won’t attempt. 

My vocal range and type

As a male tenor singer, I have a four-octave range. This means I can hit those high notes with conviction and power, and with a light, delicate sound and impressive accuracy.

If you’re unsure whether a tenor is the right backing vocalist or session singer for you, get in touch.

Need a session singer with impeccable technique and experience?

How do I record the vocals?

No two arrangements are the same, which means the sound you need from me will be unique. Although I bring years of experience and solid singing technique to my practice, I know how to listen and follow direction to achieve the sound you need. Whether you need solid backing vocals or a lead performance, I leave my ego at the door before we begin.

Recordings can be done in studio, or remotely using high quality gear. I have a fully-equipped studio ready to record for you. I can assist with production of vocal recordings for backing and lead vocals for song and album arrangements as well as commercials, animations and other productions.

My studio is set up to avoid unnecessary noise reflections and boxiness to give you a clean, quality recording.

My process
  • 1
    Listen to me sing on my YouTube Channel to see my style and technique.
  • 2
    Contact me for my session singer rates.
  • 3
    Send me your track, and book a time to discuss your requirements.
  • 4
    I record vocals as needed, and send an initial draft for confirmation.
  • 5
    The final recording is completed and sent back to you in the format you require.
My process

If you need me to record in your chosen studio, or accompany a live band on stage, I can do that too. Unless I’m waylaid by a natural disaster or struck down by the plague, I’m always on time, prepared and ready to perform. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and book in a time.

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